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15th Mar 2024

The most beautiful name in the world has been revealed

Kat O'Connor

This name has been given quite a special honour

There’s no doubt that every child’s name is beautiful to their parents. There are thousands of stunning names out there that are extra special, but one name in particular has come out on top.

According to research from My 1st Years, scientists have revealed ‘beautiful’ names for baby girls and we’re in love with the monikers.

The team created the list by using linguistics such as ‘sound symbolism’ to find names that are the most beautiful.

The team at the University of Birmingham explained that these names make us feel “positive emotions” when we say them out loud.

One of the top names on the list was Ivy, which is one of our favourite baby names. The charming moniker also follows a rising baby name trend – three-lettered names.

You can check out the top 20 beautiful names for baby girls below:

1. Sophia

2. Zoe

3. Rosie

4. Sophie

5. Ivy

6. Phoebe

7. Violet

8. Willow

9. Hannah

10. Ellie

11. Emily

12. Evelyn

13. Rose

14. Eliza

15. Eva

16. Chloe

17. Penelope

18. Lucy

19. Ruby

20. Lily

Did any of your favourite names make the list? What do you think the most beautiful girls name is?



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