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Baby names

05th Aug 2022

These are the most popular boys and girls names from over the last 100 years

Melissa Carton

Baby names come in and out of fashion all the time.

At the moment classical and vintage inspired names are incredibly trendy with the resurgence of names such as Ezra and Esme topping many of the most popular baby name lists.

Tradition often plays a huge role in the choosing of a baby’s name with many parents selecting family names that have passed down through the generations.

Both of my children are named after relatives with my son Eric named after one of his grandfathers and my daughter Alice named after one of my great aunts.

It’s because of traditions like this why some names stand the test of time. So what were the big names over the years and are they still something that modern day parents would consider for their babies?

Below are some of the top baby names from each decade over the last 100 years with plenty of inspiration for any expectant parents.


John and Mary


Robert and Dorothy


James and Betty


William and Linda


Michael and Patricia


David and Lisa


Christopher and Jennifer


Matthew and Jessica


Joshua and Ashley


Jacob and Emily


Noah and Emma