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11th Feb 2018

The Irish baby boy name that’s going to be popular in 2018

Cathy Donohue

It’s going to be huge this year.

Last year, it was predicted that Saoirse would become an immensely popular name across the world in 2018, largely due to Saoirse Ronan and her successful film career.

However, it seems that we’re also in with a shout for the biggest boy name too as the bets are on Finn to be this year’s most popular male moniker.

Babygaga predicts that it could take the top spot this year as it’s becoming very popular outside of Ireland.

According to the website, it only entered the US charts in 2000 but has made its way into the top 200 in less than twenty years.

popular baby boy name

The meaning of the name Finn is fair and it’s believed it originated from Fionn Mac Cuamhail, a well-known figure from Irish mythology.

Finn is a variant of Fionn and although Fionn has been massively popular over the last decade, we’re glad to see that Finn is slowly gaining traction too.

The top five from Babygaga includes Finn at number one, Jack is second, Atticus features at number three, Oliver in at four and taking the fifth spot is Theodore.

All lovely names to be fair but for us, Finn wins out by far.