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27th Feb 2021

A true classic! 10 timeless baby names that will never go out of style

Trine Jensen-Burke

timeless baby names

The world is pretty much you oyster these days when it comes to picking a name for your brand new bundle.

Many are choosing to go down the route of really out there or overly hipster names, while others again are letting things like season or geography dictate what they end up calling their babies.

If none of this appeal to you, why not go for a name that will never be out of style, will sound just as fitting when they are an adult and will make them seem like overall normal, reliable people?

We are talking about names so timeless, they will never go out of fashion.

Here is our pick of the top 10 classical baby names you will love forever:

Baby Boys


Sometimes you got to let history have its say, and the fact that John has been one of the most popular boys’ names for the past 400(!) years speaks volumes.


This name is classic for a reason! With ties to the Bible, royalty, presidents and other famous historical figures, this moniker has quickly become a timeless favourite. Plus, it has found new use as a unisex name too. A winner, we think!


Thanks to its ties to famous figures, from William Shakespeare to Prince William, this gorgeous name has maintained its popularity. We also love “Will” for short!


David is a biblical name that means “beloved.” It is also a royal name that has been used in many cultures, giving it that all important international appeal. (Oh, and then there is the David Beckham thing too…)


So classical, so normal, so nice. How can you not like Michael?!

Cropped shot of little girls wearing fairy princess costumes

Baby Girls


Royal, regal, Elizabeth will always sound right, and works just as well for a itty bitty babe as it does a grown up lady. Plus, it has a ton of stylish nicknames, such as Lizzie, Beth and Eliza, that we sort of love too!


This name got a new lease of life when Disney’s Frozen came out a couple of years ago, and has for decades been a top name around the world in countries like Russia, Italy, Spain and Hungary.


This name might not currently be in the top section of the popularity charts, but that does not mean that it is not a gorgeous classical name for your little princess. The name has ties to both queens and saints, and lends itself well to many sweet nicknames, like Maggie, Mags and Meg, to name a few.


The name Helen is strongly associated with ancient times and with the Greek mythological figure from the Trojan Wars. Helen of Troy was known for her beauty, which is not a bad association to have.


Emma just never goes out of style and has, ever since Ross and Rachel names their little girl Emma in the TV series Friends, stayed in the top charts in many countries around the globe.

What do YOU think? Would you go for something timeless like any of the names above? Or are you more drawn for modern and unique baby names? Let us know in the comments!