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Baby names

20th Sep 2023

Twin baby names: Finding the perfect name duo for a set of boy and girl twins

Agreeing on one name is a task, but two?

And then you have to make sure the twin baby names sound good together. This may be a little easier when it’s a set for twins of the same gender, but if you’re expecting both a boy and girl, it can be a little bit more difficult to settle on the two names.

Do you go matching? Do you give them names that have zero resemblance to one another? Either is the right choice, but just to get those brain juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite brother-sister name combos that we found undeniably cute.

  1. Zach and Zoey
  2. Bobby and Bonnie
  3. Ethan and Elsie
  4. Evan and Ellie
  5. Jack and Emma (if you’re a Friends super-fan)
  6. Mason and Maddie
  7. Emmett and Evie
  8. Robin and Ruby
  9. Luka and Lola
  10. Henry and Harper
  11. Ian and Iris
  12. Vinnie and Violet
  13. Noah and Nina
  14. Griffin and Gabriella
  15. Milo and Marnie
  16. Nathan and Nora
  17. Peter and Penelope
  18. Shay and Sophia
  19. Sonny and Summer
  20. Jake and Jasmine
  21. Rowan and Rose
  22. William and Wendy
  23. Reese and Rhea
  24. Mac and Mabel
  25. Benjamin and Bella

The article refers to ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ names, but it’s important to note that names can be used for anyone—no matter the gender assigned at birth. These names can be used by any parent for any child.