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25th Jun 2018

Cardi B’s baby gift registry is about as over-the-top as you’d expect

Dead right.
Cardi B's baby gift registry is about as over-the-top as you'd expect

What would your dream list of baby gifts look like?

It’d probably just be practical stuff, to be honest – who could honestly say they couldn’t have done with a few more nappies in those crazy early days of parenthood with a newborn who defecates more than you could have imagined?

Not Cardi B, though.

The rapper is expecting her first child and TMZ appears to have gotten its hands on the baby gift registry list.

Cardi, humble and hilarious though she may be (you should follow her on Instagram if you don’t already), has pretty expensive taste and high expectations of her friends and family if this list is anything to go by.

Among the things she’s requested as presents ahead of her baby’s arrival are a kids’ battery-powered Bentley Bentayga which costs $700 (a little under €600).

She has also asked for a $2,799 baller bassinet to be covered in gold leaf and a $200 BEABA Babycook Set for making baby food.

Cardi’s is thought to have celebrated her baby shower over the weekend in Atlanta where her other half, rapper Offset, is from.

She joked on Twitter last week that she’d like to sneak some things onto the registry list for herself.