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1st trimester

07th Nov 2023

First month of pregnancy: What to expect when you’re 1 month pregnant

Pregnant woman doing pregnancy test

Here’s everything you’ll need to know in the first month of your pregnancy, including what to ask your doctor and symptoms you might experience

How you’ll be feeling
During the first month, you might not even realise you’re expecting yet, but your body is already starting to undergo some changes. In the early stages, you may not notice much difference. However, some women experience subtle signs, like a missed period, tender breasts, and fatigue. Hormonal changes can lead to mood swings, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster.

What you need to know
Early signs: Keep an eye out for the first signs of pregnancy, such as a missed period or implantation bleeding, which can be mistaken for a light period.

Nutrition matters: Start taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid to support your baby’s development. Focus on a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Lifestyle adjustments: If you smoke, consume alcohol, or rely heavily on caffeine, consider reducing or eliminating these substances for your baby’s health.

Things to do in the first month of pregnancy
Prenatal appointment: Consider scheduling your first prenatal appointment with your healthcare provider. They can confirm your pregnancy and discuss your healthcare plan.

Dietary choices: Begin making healthier food choices. Foods rich in nutrients like folic acid are crucial for your baby’s early development.

Relax and manage stress: Find ways to manage stress through relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. Your emotional well-being is important.

How is baby?
During the first month, your baby is just starting to form. It’s incredible to think that from a single cell, your baby will grow into a complex human being. At this stage, your baby is a tiny cluster of cells, and their growth is rapid.

What to ask your doctor
When you schedule your prenatal appointment, here are some questions to consider asking your doctor:

Confirmation: Can you confirm my pregnancy with a blood test or ultrasound?
Prenatal Vitamins: Are there specific prenatal vitamins you recommend, and when should I start taking them?
Lifestyle changes: Are there any lifestyle adjustments I should make for a healthy pregnancy?
Appointment schedule: What will be the schedule for my prenatal check-ups and which hospital is best for me?
Managing symptoms: How can I alleviate early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness or fatigue?

That’s it for month one. For month two and beyond, read here.