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1st trimester

07th Nov 2023

Your baby at 7 weeks pregnant: Week-by-week guide to development


This week, your baby is as big as a blueberry… cute!

Here’s what else you can expect this week.

Your baby

This week, your baby is about the size of a blueberry. Tiny nostrils have appeared on the face, and the head is substantially larger than the body. This is probably because some of the fastest growth is happening in the brain, which has already divided into lobes, and is now forming about 100 new nerve cells every minute – that’s a lot!


Some pregnant women never experience morning sickness, but you are likely to be nauseous some, if not all, of the time. You may be wearing a path to the loo to vomit or to pee constantly. You’d think with all that peeing that the bloating would be improving — but it’s not. Drinking lots of water mightn’t cut down on toilet trips, but it will help with the bloating and preventing constipation, and even ease the headaches (hormones again) that seem to be a regular feature of your day.

Staying hydrated throughout pregnancy is really important but sometimes water can be just a bit blaa. See our hacks below to make water a bit more adventurous.

Dietician, Sarah Keogh says: “Pace yourself. Try not to gulp down a pint in one minute and then not drink again for hours. Try to sip some water throughout the day e.g. every 15-20 minutes if you can.”

’10 Tips To Stay Hydrated For People Who Don’t LOVE The Taste Of Water’

The secrecy phase of pregnancy in many ways is the most fun, there’s a nice bonding feeling between you and your partner when you two have the little foetus all to yourselves during those first few weeks. Of course, actually keeping the secret is another matter altogether especially when said foetus has kind of taken control of your body and is making you act pretty… well… pregnant.