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1st trimester

07th Nov 2023

Your baby at 6 weeks pregnant: Week-by-week guide to pregnancy


sweet pea pregnancy image

Welcome to week 6 of your pregnancy!

This week, your baby is as big as a sweet pea. Here’s what else you can expect this week.

Your baby

Is about the size of a sweet pea and taking on a “C” shape. The heart starts pumping and around week six or seven the pulse of a heart beat — about 100 times a minute at this stage — is visible on ultrasound.

The face is beginning to form and the neural tube, which will evolve into the brain and spinal cord, has formed and closed.


You may find yourself salivating and drooling a lot. However, it’s not at your usual favourite sandwich because nowadays that probably turns your stomach. Instead you are suddenly craving apples/chocolates/potatoes/ (you fill the blank). Some of you will also be feeling nauseous, or throwing up, and not just in the morning either!

By the way, is that another spot appearing on your chin? Yet another side-effect of pregnancy hormones, we’re afraid.

While you may be feeling absolutely ecstatic about the little pea-sized baby growing inside you, it is also quite common to experience anxiety or depression during this vulnerable time.

Check out these ‘4 Reasons We Need to Talk About Prenatal Depression’. If you start to suspect that you may be feeling stressed or low, let your care-provider know and remember; you’re not alone.

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More: A great way to help balance your mood during pregnancy is taking frequent exercise. This ‘Strengthening Prenatal Workout To Help You Rock Pregnancy’ from Steph Sinnott at Baby Body Fit can be done in the living room.