Husband wants wife to have C-section instead of vaginal delivery to 'not ruin their sex life' 1 year ago

Husband wants wife to have C-section instead of vaginal delivery to 'not ruin their sex life'

Can we all agree that how a woman chooses to give birth – be it in a hospital, at home, in water, on a bed, whether or not she would prefer medication or not – is a deeply personal choice?

And that her preference regards no one else but that mum-to-be – and possibly her doctor and/or midwife?

Thought so.

The same, I would argue, goes for whether or not that woman wants to deliver her baby vaginally or via a C-section. Again, a discussion that should only really have two sides involved – the mother and her medical team.

However, it seems this particular dad-to-be thought he might throw in his two cents on the matter – and honestly – fair play to the mum for what happened next.

Taking to Reddit to vent her frustration, user @elkatiuskas recently revealed that her partner had asked her to have a C-section birth – because he did not their sex life to be ruined.

Posted to the subreddit r/TwoXChromosomes, the mum-to-be explained in her post:

“At first I thought it was a ‘joke’ but when I saw he was serious, I was offended to my core (not that a ‘joke’ like would be ok).

“I’m shocked because he’s always portrayed himself to be a feminist, so a comment like that was very weird. But he insisted that the last thing he wants is for our sex life to be ‘ruined’ because I’ll never be as tight as I’m now and he had the f****** b**** to lecture me that ‘for this relationship to work, you have to make sacrifices.’


Yep. Really. Are you fuming yet?

Anyway, @elkatiuskas continued her post with:

“I told him not gonna happen and he said I’m being selfish and this is proof I can’t put his needs above mine."

She then goes on to explain that she is, in fact, the breadwinner of the household while he is 'pursuing his new business idea.'

“A few months ago he asked to move in with me because his parents were ‘smothering’ him. While I work 10-hour shifts, he doesn’t cook, clean, run errands, nothing. I pay for our bills, rent, food, and gas for his car. And excuse me but if this isn’t being the very definition of a supportive girlfriend I don’t know what is. So that comment was the last straw. That that’s his main concern and hill to die on was appalling."

And fair play to the mum-to-be for what she did next.

"So I kicked him out. I love him, he may be a parasite, but I truly thought I was helping someone pursue their passion. I don’t think he was taking advantage of me with malice, he was always a momma’s boy and living with me was easy for him because, like at his mom's place, he didn’t have to do laundry, cook, pay bills, etc. But I’m done. I deserve better. I deserve a real partner who helps out and [whose] main concern isn’t my vagina’s ‘tightness,’ not a grown man-child to take care of. I’m still in love with him but I’ll get over it. I just don’t want him as my partner anymore."

Too right she deserves better.