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16th Jan 2019

Man thinks pregnant wife is lazy and ‘blew up’ at her for not doing the grocery shopping

Olivia Hayes

Ah, here now.

A lot of things change when you become pregnant. You are now carrying a little human in you and you no doubt take care of yourself a lot more than you would normally.

Your priorities also change and what you might have wanted for the future will be different to what you want when your baby arrives into the world.

This man didn’t seem to understand that. He went on a rant on Reddit to say that while he is “very excited” for his baby to arrive, he thinks his wife has become lazy.

He wrote:

“I work a lot (currently 55-60 hours a week on average) and am an attending physician. My wife is still finishing her fellowship training. But her fellowship is outpatient based and her hours are great. Maybe 30 hours a week she is in clinic.

“Now we are currently expecting our first child and naturally we’re very excited. I want to support my wife as much as possible…but ever since we found out we were expecting, she has suddenly become very different. She lost interest in work, we had recent fights about her wanting to quit medicine and stop working entirely to focus on caring for the kid.

“I have to do all the laundry, cooking, dishwashing, trash, bathroom cleaning because she says she is tired all the time. It’s not that she is physically confining herself at home because she is feeling fatigued, she is often still out and about either hanging out with her co-fellows and girlfriends or sits at home watching TV.

“Finally…I blew up at her yesterday when she didn’t go out to pick up some groceries when I asked her to prior to leaving for work. I yelled at her that being pregnant does not automatically make you disabled and unable to do anything.

“She got pissed off gave me the silent treatment since yesterday, am I the complete dick here for saying that or what?”

And of course, the Internet went IN on him. One wrote:

“You are the asshole. for exploding on her like that. Yes, you make 90% of the money, but she’s shouldering 100% of GROWING A NEW HUMAN IN HER BODY, plus the pain suffering and permanent changes to her health that will happen as she goes along.”

While another said:

“Yes, YTA, complete dick, you need to give your wife a serious apology and take a more constructive approach to problem solving.

“She works 30 hours a week and is pregnant, is flooded with hormones and is probably a bit depressed, losing her drive for medicine with all the nesting instinct.

“I don’t know how far along she is, but she probably has some symptoms, and it can be a bit physically exhausting. I suppose it’s possible she’s just “being lazy,” but it doesn’t sound like it.”