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Baby names

16th Jun 2023

Mum-to-be breaks down over her family’s reaction to baby’s unusual name

Kat O'Connor

Trying to decide on a baby name can feel like mission impossible at the best of times, but throw in judgemental family members and snide comments and the process becomes even trickier.

One mum-to-be was left heartbroken after her sister burst out laughing at the name of her daughter.

The sister admitted she couldn’t help but laugh over the moniker at the mum-to-be’s baby shower.

She wrote on Reddit: “I have a younger sister Ella. She got married to Sam last year in a small socially distanced wedding.

“We knew they’d want kids right away, and last Sunday was the baby shower. I knew she’d announce the gender and name at it, but Sam’s mother arranged it so it was a surprise.”

“[At the gender reveal] pink comes out, and we all cheer. Ella goes, “okay name reveal” and that’s when she pulls out a baby onesie with “Samnella” on it.”

The parents-to-be wanted to mix their names together but the end result isn’t exactly ideal.

“There were a few “woo” [noises] but [then] dead silence,’ the poster went on, ‘and I laughed, thinking it wasn’t real. Then I said “Salmonella like food poisoning?”.’

The sister said the dads-to-be’s mum quickly defended the decision.

“Sam’s mum freaks out about how it’s a beautiful name. Ella is screaming that I’ve ruined everything and it was meant to signify the coming together of them.”

The sister obviously left the event after that but is worried her sister will regret giving her child such a strange name.

“I do think I shouldn’t have laughed, but also, how have multiple people heard Samnella and just thought “yeah sounds cute”? My sister says everyone else loves and compliments the name, I think they’re just being nice.”

Do you think the mum-to-be should change the name or was the sister’s reaction a little harsh?


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