Say what?! Mums reveal the worst things their partners said after birth 6 months ago

Say what?! Mums reveal the worst things their partners said after birth

Come again?

Anyone who has ever given birth will tell you this much: It is the most overwhelming, excruciating, powerful, mind-blowing, crazy thing you will ever do in your life. So it's needless to say, really, that all a mum should be hearing once she has pushed a human out of her vagina is how flipping amazing she is. The end.

However, sometimes (*eye roll) certain people don't quite get this, apparently.

Recently, a mum took to Reddit share her own partner's major foot-in-mouth moment after she had just given birth.

"I’m standing in front of the mirror, getting the first real look at myself completely naked post-baby," she wrote. "Husband walks in and he says 'oh honey, your stomach.' I immediately burst into tears. He still feels bad about it, and it’s been about five years."

I mean – there are no words.

Other mums were then quick to chime in with their own post-birth commentary horror stories.

One woman revealed her baby was a week old when they went for a check-up and the doctor asked how they were feeling. "My husband pipes in with, 'Well, I'm doing fine! I think I just require less sleep than she does."

Well – duh. Let's just assume most men require less sleep than a woman who has just gone through 10 months of pregnancy, pushed a baby out of her body, and is also possible producing milk and breastfeeding to keep another human being alive!


It gets worse.

One mum shared: "I’m examining my ass for new stretch marks in the mirror. He’s watching me and says, 'Don’t worry so much about stretch marks, your body already got ruined by the first one'."

YIKES. Is there a freakin' need?!

Or how about this absolute cracker of a foot-in-the-mouth comment: "He saw my c-section incision like... a week or two post-partum. He SHUDDERED, shook his head, and said, 'well, that’s gonna take some getting used to'."

It didn't end there.

One said her husband told her to "'calm down'... AS I WAS PUSHING HIS CHILD OUT OF MY VAGINA!", while another reported her husband was glad he'd watched so many horror movies: it gave him an "iron stomach, which I needed for that birth."

Tell us – did YOUR partner every say something quite as horrific as the above comments?