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08th Sep 2017

Why six Irish couples struggling with fertility are telling their stories to TV3

It airs on Monday at 9pm.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

One-in-six Irish couples struggle with fertility – and now six of them are telling their stories for a new TV3 four-part series which will air next week.

It is hoped that the show will heighten awareness of fertility problems and also of the modern treatment options now available.

Over the course of one year, The Babymakers followed men and women from across Ireland as they attended one of Ireland’s most established clinics, SIMS IVF.

“With unprecedented access to intensely private moments and a fly-on-the-wall feel, we witness the most emotional and personal journeys,” TV3 said today in a statement.

“Through the pain, the hope and the rising costs of treatments – we witness the creation of life and all the dreams and hard work it takes to realise it.”

Episode one airs on Monday, September 11 at 9pm. In it, we meet Denise and Mark. Denise cannot have a natural pregnancy. She relied on the help of SIMS IVF (which is located in Clonskeagh, Dublin) in order to conceive her and Mark’s daughter, Beth. Now the couple are hoping to have a second child.

We also meet Deirdre and Stuart, a couple from Limerick. The have conceived naturally but Deirdre has also had numerous miscarriages. They have been selected for treatment through the Pomegranate charity which funds one round of IVF for couples who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

The third couple are Sean and Karolina. They are completely new to fertility struggles and recently found out that Karolina’s ovaries are covered in cysts caused by endometriosis.

Here at HerFamily, we’ll definitely be tuning in on Monday and reckon anything that highlights the fertility challenges that Irish couples face is only to be applauded.

The Babymakers is on TV3 Monday 11th September at 9pm.