Turns Out Your Sex Position Has No Impact on Your Chances of Conceiving 4 years ago

Turns Out Your Sex Position Has No Impact on Your Chances of Conceiving

A fertility expert has shed some light on common myths about conception.

The Express reports that Allan Pacey, a Professor of Andrology at Sheffield University, has said that there is no particular position that boosts your chances of becoming pregnant.

He explained:

“I think having any sex is good. What I hear, and I guess this relates to lifestyle talk, is that people get a specific idea in their head, a perceived threat, or a way of having sex, and it’s very hard to shift it.

“Then if their baby making doesn’t follow that process, they feel guilt or they don’t have sex because it’s not quite the right time. Actually, they should just get on with it.”



He added:

“I've heard all sorts of things like women holding their legs in the air and doing the cycling motion with their legs in the air.

“I’ve heard stories if people do it where the woman is kneeling and the man is behind it deposits the sperm slightly differently.

“To be frank I don’t think there is any evidence to suggest one thing is better… the sperm that are going to do their job, they are already in there, they’re pretty quick. In any position.”

While there is evidence that suggests that women who orgasm are more likely to become pregnant, it has nothing to do with science, it’s simply because they tend to have more sex.