This very simple cleaning trick will totally transform your home 2 months ago

This very simple cleaning trick will totally transform your home

At this very moment, the following take up space on my coffee table: Two beautiful Soho House coffee table books and Diptyque candle (mine), a Top Model colouring book and 11 crayons (my daughter's), three plastic dinosaurs, some lego, a wooden stick from the park, three of those blue plastic coins in they give you in Tesco and a Batman mask (my little boy's).


With kids, it doesn't really matter how obsessed you are with organisation and Scandinavian minimalism, their stuff will appear everywhere and clutter surfaces until your brain threatens to explode.

The trick, mama, is to know how to get on top of it.

Which is why I am currently obsessed with this nifty little trick I came across recently, which is a surefire way of getting everything back to its rightful home – stat.

What you need: A colored tote bag for every room in your house.

What you do: Walk around with all the bags on your arm, picking up items and dropping them into their relevant tote. Lego? Playroom bag. Rubber ducky? Bathroom bag. Mouth guard? Boys' room bag. Then, once you’ve got everything picked up and sorted, bring the bag to its room and put everything away.

Bonus points: If you can get your kids to actually do this all for you.