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06th Mar 2023

Molly-Mae opens up about her breastfeeding struggles

Clodagh McKeon

The Love Island star admitted she’s finding being a new mum difficult.

Molly-Mae gave birth to daughter Bambi almost six weeks ago and has been pretty open and honest about her journey into motherhood since.

The first time mum shared a photo on her Instagram story telling fans she’s been struggling with breastfeeding her newborn.

She wrote: “Just for my new mums and soon to be mums out there that may want to know…

“I ended up renting a hospital grade medela pump for pumping my milk.

“I’ve struggled massively with my supply and this is what was recommended to me for this. I will speak more in detail about my breastfeeding journey when I come back to YouTube.

“I tried many different pumps but for me, this has been the most successful.”

The YouTuber also shared a photo of what she brings to bed now that she’s a mum and said it’s very different to before baby girl.

The breast pump, the bottles, a flask to heat the bottles, muslins cloths, a pumping bra, Infacol and baby dummies are now the bedtime essentials for the new mum.

Molly continued to open up on her social media and revealed she’s not found the first few weeks of her daughters life “particularly easy at all.”

Fans of her YouTube will definitely expect an open and honest conversation about how she is navigating being a new mum and trying to breastfeed.

As the creative director of global fashion brand, PrettyLittleThing, Molly-Mae is a busy woman and followers are interested in whether she will return to her usually hectic work schedule now that baby Bambi is here.

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