Live news interrupted by doctor's child - and it's so cute 1 month ago

Live news interrupted by doctor's child - and it's so cute

“Mummy, what’s his name?”

A BBC newsreader has a conversation with the child of a doctor he was meant to be interviewing and it's very cute!

When are people going to learn that children and live business video calls don't always go together? I hope never because it brings us joy to see parents try to keep their work face on as their child carries on with their day.

Let's face it, an unplanned cameo by someone's child on the live news is always going to brighten up the new bulletin. This week it was BBC News' turn to have a little visitor join them during an interview about the current pandemic.

Dr. Clare Wenham was being interviewed on BBC when her daughter, Scarlett, started appearing in the background moving things around on a shelf in shot behind her. Scarlett was oblivious to the important call her mom was on while she pottered about with her day.

While her mom was being asked questions about COVID-19 and local lockdowns, Scarlett was having her own conversation with herself and her mom, asking about her opinion on a few things, “Mummy, where do you want this picture?”

Dr. Clare tried to tell her to keep it down but of course as any child would she kept doing exactly what she was doing, and ignored her mom until she noticed the BBC News reader Christian Fraser talking to her. Then she asked: “mummy, what’s his name?”!

“My name is Christian,” replied Mr Fraser.

The hilarious conversation continued live on air as Scarlett responded: “Christian, I’m just deciding where it can go and where mummy wants it to go.”

Her mom was of course a little embarrassed about the situation and apologised “I’m so sorry” to which Mr Fraser said “the most informative interview I’ve done all day."