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Family fun

30th Mar 2021

My community is hosting a social distancing egg hunt and this is how you can too

Melissa Carton

Who says you can’t have an egg hunt this Easter?

COVID-19 and social distancing has really put a spanner in the works for holiday breaks and family events this Easter.

For adults it’s an easier compromise as we fully understand that we need to self isolate to keep others safe but for kids it’s that little bit harder.

They have already lost out on seeing their school friends, playdates, going to the playground and sleepovers and now they’ll spend Easter break without any egg hunt…..or will they?

My community recently sent a group message around rallying everyone in the area to help with a social distancing egg hunt and here’s how it works.

Families in the community are being encouraged to break out the arts and crafts kit and create Easter inspired window displays involving eggs.

Parents and children can paint real eggs, make eggs out of cardboard and paper or even paint eggs onto their windows using washable paint.

Then, come Easter Sunday, when families are going for a short walk or drive in the neighbourhood, children can try and see how many eggs they can count as their very own social distancing egg hunt.

The pandemic right now is very scary and confusing for children, as it has turned most of our lives upside down.

Creating little social distancing events like this helps to bring some normality back into the lives of children helping their mental wellbeing.

I’m really looking forward to taking part in our community’s social distancing egg hunt and would really encourage other neighbourhoods to jump on board with the idea.

It only takes a couple of minutes to create (plus it will be some great additional family fun time) and will seriously bring some joy into the lives of young children across the country.