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03rd Jun 2018

Here’s the top bucket-list destination, as chosen by travel bloggers

How many of these have you visited?

Anna O'Rourke

We’re a bit surprised by this one.

It has to be the best gig in the world – jetting off to amazing places, taking gorgeous photos for Instagram, enjoying plenty of freebies and possibly getting paid for the pleasure.

Yeah, we’d all like to pack in the day job and become travel bloggers but as that’s a little unrealistic, following their recommendations is the next best thing.

Travel website rounded up 33 travel bloggers and surveyed them on the bucket-list destinations they’re most looking forward to visiting.

The one they voted the best overall? Japan.

The Asian country, home to breathtaking scenery and the birthplace of karaoke, took the top spot, followed by India in second place and Cuba in third.

“It’s so culturally different from anywhere else on earth,” said Suzanne of The Travel Bunny, speaking about Japan.

“I am fascinated by the culture, food traditions and beautiful landscapes,” added Katy from Untold Morsels.

In fourth and fifth places on the list of the bloggers’ must-visit destinations were New Zealand and the Antarctic, while Thailand, China, Myanmar, Peru and Iceland rounded off the top ten.

Between them, the bloggers surveyed had visited an insane 1,218 countries or the equivalent of going to every country in the world six times.

Sounds like they know they know what they’re talking about so!

“It is interesting to see that even with hundreds of countries widely available certain destinations came up time and time again within the interviews,” said Nicky Cox, a spokesperson from