People traveling to Spain warned about "unusual" heatwave 1 month ago

People traveling to Spain warned about "unusual" heatwave

The "historic" heatwave is extremely unusual.

People traveling to Spain have been warned about a "truly unusual" heatwave.

Temperatures could reach over 40 degrees this week.

Holiday goers should take extreme caution if they're visiting Spain this week.

These extreme temperatures are reportedly "unusual" for the month of May.

A spokesperson for AEMET in Spain said the "historic" heatwave is concerning.

"Very high temperatures will exceed 35C in many parts of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.


“It may reach 40C to 42C in parts of the south and Ebro, as well as very warm nights.

The average temperature will be in the mid-3os this week but may reach highs of 40.

Temperatures also won't fall at night with experts predicting highs in the 20s.

Speaking to Newstalk, Air and Travel Magazine Editor Eoghan Corry warned Irish tourists about the unusual weather.

"It’s going to rise. The 40C is going to be inland, probably around Cordoba.

However, the Andalucía region and the Balearics will be around 35C by Saturday.

Places like Nerja and Benalmadena and all along that Malaga coast will be affected.

"A little bit lower than the 40c of the inland.”

The heatwave will peak on Thursday but is likely going to last until Saturday.

To stay safe, people should stay hydrated and wear suncream.

You should also try to avoid the sun between 10 am and 4 pm.