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Children's health

14th Oct 2021

This is what a Coronavirus cough sounds like

Laura Cunningham

Medical professionals often recognise conditions from the sound of a patient’s cough

Studies have been carried out to develop an understanding of changes in cough sounds associated with COVID-19.

Of course, Coronavirus presents differently in different people and, as we know, new variants have brought about new symptoms.

39-year-old Tara Jane Langston has shared a video of what is considered a typical Covid cough, and it might help others recognise the signs of Covid-19.

So, what does a Covid cough sound like?

Tara has thankfully made a full recovery, but wanted to share her experience to help others.

As we come into the winter months, we’re all on the look out for symptoms of the various infections and viruses our kids are likely to pick up.

Our first port of call when there are any health concerns with ourselves, or our children, should of course be a medical professional. But here’s a helpful video that might assist in recognising the many types of cough if they arise.

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