LA to make Covid vaccines compulsory for school kids- do you agree? 9 months ago

LA to make Covid vaccines compulsory for school kids- do you agree?

Teachers must also be fully vaccinated.

Covid vaccines are set to become compulsory for school children in LA.

The concerning surge in Covid cases in the USA has led to the decision.

It is believed the Los Angeles Unified School District has voted to make the vaccine compulsory for pupils who are aged 12 and over.

The vaccine has yet to be approved for children under the age of 12.

An estimated 600,000 pupils attend schools in the district.

They are currently tested and must wear masks inside and outside of campus.

Teachers also must be fully vaccinated.

It is understood that pupils who want to attend in-person classes must have their first dose by November 21st and their second dose by December 19th.


When a child turns 12-years-old they have 30 days to get their first Covid vaccine.

Both parents and teachers believe this is the best step forward.

A minority of people believe the mandate is wrong, but the overall reaction has been positive.

Do you think Ireland should have something similar introduced?

Schools in Ireland have barely been open for a few weeks, but tens of thousands of students are already missing classes after being deemed a close contact of a positive Covid case.

An estimated 14,000 children have missed time in school because of Covid outbreaks.

HSE head of testing and tracing Niamh O’Beirne recently told the Irish Times that, on average, about 15 children are identified as close contacts in primary schools and three in secondary schools, where physical contact is less prevalent.

She added that children who have to restrict their movements have a lower chance of being positive for Covid.

Do you think introducing a similar mandate would help the school year run more smoothly?