Rochelle Humes announces she's launching skin and hair care for kids 4 years ago

Rochelle Humes announces she's launching skin and hair care for kids

How exciting!

Rochelle Humes has announced on Instagram that she is releasing a range of hair and skin products for kids.

The radio host said that the project has been two years in the making, and now she's finally able to tell her fans about it.

Oh, but that's not all - the former The Saturdays singer also revealed that she has written a children's book too.

Taking to the social media site, Rochelle said: "I can't wait to show you all the secret project I have been working away on for the last 2 years, I am practically bursting with excitement.

"This summer I will be releasing my first Children’s book and Children’s Skin and Hair Care range. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to create a story that I would have wanted to read as a young girl, and that I can now pass to my little girls.


"My aim is to show young children that everyone is different, and to embrace what makes them beautiful, whilst using the best, clean and kindest products."

The mum-of-two recently told her fans that she is going back to her natural, curly-haired roots after straightening her tresses for so long.

In another Instagram post she explained: "My four-year-old little girl Alaia has been telling me for a while that she doesn’t like her curly hair, at first (as us Mums do) I didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Once I realised this wasn’t a phase I asked her why she didn’t like her curls. It broke my heart when she told me it was because she didn’t look like a Princess.

“It then dawned on me that maybe this issue started closer to home because, all she has ever known is her Mummy to style her hair straight, when in fact mine is naturally curly too.”