Costa del back garden: The €300 inflatable water park that will save your staycation summer 1 month ago

Costa del back garden: The €300 inflatable water park that will save your staycation summer

It is looking like we'll be spending yet another summer close to home this year.


I don't know about you, but I was really (really!) looking forward to some Mediterranean sun, sand and sea this July or August, and coming to terms with the fact that that might not be happening is – in all honestly – a little heartbreaking.

However, August is still a while off and I am remaining optimistic and keeping all my fingers and toes crossed just in case. And in the meantime, I am all about just trying to make the most of our own homes and back gardens – because, well, what else can we do.

Speaking of fun, I think most of us can agree that when it comes to kids, few things seem to entertain them as much as any kind of play involving water – especially in summer. Which is why I reckon this inflatable bouncy trampoline water park pool is about to become a best-seller of summer 2021.

Just take a look:


The giant blow-up play device is a bouncy castle and pool all rolled up in one, and we reckon that while it is on the pricy side (it retails for €329), it will prove a sound investment when you see the joy on your little ones' faces and they jump, splash and have fun on it.

I mean; no screen time can compare to this, surely?

The water park bouncy castle comes with a powerful pump, meaning it will take you less than two minutes to inflate the entire thing, and we love how it also comes complete with a carrier bag, meaning you can cart the whole thing over to the kids' granny when you yourself need a little break from the screeching and splashing.

Expensive investment? Yeah, for sure. Worth it though (and way cheaper than a package holiday to Mallorca for the family)? You bet.