Daughter's response to bully that made her classmates 'burst out laughing' 5 years ago

Daughter's response to bully that made her classmates 'burst out laughing'


One of the worst things about sending your child off to school is the prospect of bullies.

They exist everywhere, sure, but they tend to be more rampant where young children are present, struggling to find ways to fit in with their peers, and figuring out who they are.

As a parent, there's no easy way to deal with a child's bully either.

In some cases, if you tell your son or daughter to ignore the bully, the teasing could just get worse.

Similarly, if you tell them to stand up for themselves, the bully may take this is an invitation to get meaner and hassle the child more.

Sometimes, there really is no way to win.

One mum who suggested a pretty good way of dealing with a bully was Mumsnet user, WaitroseCostaCoffeeCup (what a username, we know).


She said that her nine-year-old tends to be quite quirky and although this is a very admirable trait in such a young girl, some of her classmates unfortunately don't think so.

The mum said that her daughter often gets teased for being adopted, so one day, she decided to give her advice on how to deal with the bully in question.

She wrote:

"Some of the things (particularly comments about her adoption) that she's told me have made me far more upset than they have made her.

"I told her what I thought might be a good way to quieten the bullies and today my nine-year-old loudly replied to one: 'I'm sorry, did you MEAN to be so rude?!'

"Apparently other children burst out laughing and said bully stropped off. I like to think with a cats bum face."

What an icon.

Other mums thought so too and they replied accordingly.

"What a wee hero! Your daughter sounds ace!" said one user.

"Brilliant! Your daughter sounds wonderful, I hope she always keeps that great attitude," commented another.

Whether she does or not, we know we'll definitely be using this one next time we've got a bully situation to deal with.