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Big Kids

31st Jul 2018

Millionaire says kids should play this game if they want to be rich

Jade Hayden


Oh, right.

Everyone has big dreams for their children.

You want them to be happy and healthy and wealthy. Well, maybe not so much the last one – their happiness and well being is absolutely more important.

Or it should be, and yet some people remain focused on their children becoming the next property tycoon who drives around in little silver cars and has a moustache.

No, really. They do.

And millionaire Gill Fielding has come up with a foolproof (probably not foolproof) way to do it – by making your children play Monopoly.

Yeah, honestly.

According to the Daily Mail, the property investor says that having your kids play a couple of hours of the boardgame every day will get them interested in money for the rest of their lives.

She says:

“Profit-making games like Monopoly and others are ideal educational tools in this regard because they educate young people about how money can be earned, how easily it can be lost, and how to get more of it according to circumstance.”

Fielding also points to the Game of Life as a means of getting children into property, stocks, shares, and insurance.

Who’d have thought it?

Might be picking up a few boardgames for the holiday season, so.