Report finds that children as young as ten are dealing drugs in Dublin 1 year ago

Report finds that children as young as ten are dealing drugs in Dublin

A recent report has found that children as young as ten years of age are dealing drugs.

The shocking discovery comes from a 2018 trend report which was carried out by the Blanchardstown Local Drug and Alcohol Task Forces.

The research found that a surprising number of children under 18 are turning to dealing drugs for 'easy money'.

The report found that the average age of teenagers drug dealing in Dublin 15 was fourteen with the youngest child being only ten years old.

Studies in recent years have shown an increase in drug availability in areas such as Castleknock, Mulhuddart and Corduff.

There have also been signs of greater drug use by students in secondary schools.

The 118-page study conducted by Janet Robinson and Jim Doherty found that while the children involved in dealing drugs were predominately male, young girls were also taking part in the activity.

According to Dublin Gazette Robinson and Doherty worryingly noted;

“An explanation for the youngest ages was reported to be that older family members were drug dealers.”

Suburban Dublin areas are becoming an increasing hotbed for drug activity. Part of the reason for this is due to a lack of facilities for young people in these areas. Regardless it is a concerning issue for many parents.