Kids turning their nose up at fish? Here are some ways to make sure they're getting that Omega 3 3 years ago

Kids turning their nose up at fish? Here are some ways to make sure they're getting that Omega 3

Brought to you by Donegal Catch

We can't forget about those healthy fish fats!

Getting kids to eat fish can be a struggle. Though it's a struggle we have to endure if we want our little ones to get the necessary Omega 3 into their diets.

It's important that we don't forget Omega 3 when we think of our vital nutrients because it's a whole lot more important than we may think or know. DHA, which is a type of Omega 3, contributes to the normal function of the heart and - for any pregnant mums out there - it also contributes to normal brain and eye development in foetuses and breastfed babies. Omega 3 is great for promoting brain health and can even help alleviate ADHD symptoms such as restlessness and hyperactivity.

If you're worried that your kids aren't getting those necessary nutrients because they're a little hesitant to add fish to their usual meals, here are three easy ways to help change their mind and make sure they're getting that all-important Omega 3.

1. Teach them about fish and the ocean

Kids love learning. Honestly, everything is an exciting adventure for them. If you make their dinner into a story, they'll be much quicker to eat it. It's pretty much the aeroplane spoon tactic just a little more advanced.

Teach them all about the ocean, where the fish came from, and all the other wildlife you can find there. Teach them about the exciting life of the fishermen who are out there catching fish, including the fish on your plates right now. Tell them about the heavy storms the fishermen brave, the cold nights they spend trying to keep warm in blankets and eating hot fresh fish, and all the things they see while they're out there on the ocean, like whales and dolphins and ginormous waves.


By the time this story is done, you'll not only have the little ones gobbling up their dinner but they'll also be wanting to jump on a fishing boat themselves.

2. Switch it up to fish fingers if you're having a hard time

You may think fish fingers don't count as actual fish but they definitely do! Donegal Catch Fish Fingers are absolutely delicious and are made with 100 percent breaded fish - nothing added and no artificial flavours. They just happen to be finger-shaped.

Plus, the most important thing, they still contain that crucial Omega 3 plus oodles of protein to help grow muscle mass and maintain normal bone growth. Once the kids get used to fish fingers, you can move them onto other types of fish. Try easing them in with some breaded cod (which is pretty much just a big fish finger).

3. Get them to watch this hilarious video

You may remember the old classic "filing cabinet" fisherman that graced our screens in a Donegal Catch ad a few years ago. Well, now the fishermen are back with some new fun and witty adventures that we love and that we know the kids will love too.

Give them a watch of this and tell them what these fishermen are out there doing and we think the little ones might just relent if it means eating something that these hardworking but humorous gentlemen have caught. It wouldn't hurt to get them a little fisherman's hat just to make it all the more exciting.

Brought to you by Donegal Catch 

Donegal Catch wants to help Irish people eat more fish. They are the number one frozen fish brand and have a wide range of products that are loved by both adults and kids alike. Their fish range delivers great flavour as well as being a good source of protein and Omega 3. Donegal Catch doesn't add anything to the fish - it's just fish, meaning no artificial flavours either. The iconic Donegal Catch Fishermen have made a return this November to show everyone that fun and loving-life attitude behind Donegal Catch. You can buy their entire range of frozen fish in all good supermarkets now. Visit their Facebook page for more information.