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20th Dec 2023

Woman reveals incredible Christmas hack that will save you money

Remember this when you’re putting your Christmas decorations away

A woman has revealed quite the genius Christmas decoration hack that we’re definitely trying.

We all know just how expensive Christmas can be, and we’re all doing our best to try to cut corners.

Our present budget isn’t as extensive and we’re opting for festive nights in rather than nights out.

But what else can we do to help save a few bob?

Well, one woman has revealed a clever hack that your future self will be incredibly grateful for.

Sharing the hack on Facebook, the woman explained that she puts an envelope of cash in her Christmas decorations box and then packs them away until next year.

Then when you’re decorating the house and unpacking all of your lights and trinkets, you’ll find a nice sum of cash inside.

She said: “Decorating my tree and totally forgot I’d done this!!!”

You can use the money for whatever you need whether that’s a dress for your Christmas party, a takeaway over the holidays, or maybe even some more decorations.

The woman who came up with the idea posted a photo of a red envelope that had ‘Takeaway fund! Merry Christmas!’ written on it.

She quipped: “Got to say, takeaways were cheaper last year clearly judging by the £30 I put in the envelope.”

People have been raving about this hack and have vowed to try it out this winter.

We usually just find spiders in the boxes of decorations in the attic so this is a surprise we’ll certainly look forward to.

We’d recommend taping the envelope to the lid of your decoration box just so it doesn’t get lost amongst the tinsel, twinkly lights, and dancing Santa.