Warning to public after bonfire stockpile is set on fire in Dublin 3 months ago

Warning to public after bonfire stockpile is set on fire in Dublin

Halloween is their busiest time of year.

Dublin Fire Brigade has urged the public to report bonfire stashes to their local authorities.

The warning comes after a bonfire stockpile was set alight in City West last night. Dublin Fire Brigade successfully put the fire out but is concerned about similar incidents occurring.

There were also concerns about how close the stockpile was to other properties.

They urged the public to report bonfire stashes to local authorities.

Your local authority can dispose of bonfire stashes safely.

Following the City West fire, the Fire Brigade asked the public not to leave waste outside their homes.


Young people will be collecting bonfire materials in the coming days.

Dublin County Council told the public to be aware of young people collecting bonfire materials.

You can report stashes to your local authority, but not to Dublin Fire Brigade. Bonfire stashes are often left in abandoned buildings and can be lit prematurely.

The stockpiles can cause damage to properties, as well as injuries. Far too many children suffer life-changing burns around Halloween.

Dublin Fire Brigade is not in a position to take reports or dismantle stashes.

They have also asked the public not to attend illegal bonfires this Halloween.

Families should attend organised and safe events on October 31st.

Illegal bonfires contain harmful materials like oils and gas cylinders. The smoke from the fire can also cause health issues, especially for those with breathing problems like asthma and COPD.

They also have a higher chance of collapsing. Not only that, but they can also cause children's costumes to go on fire which can cause extreme burns and life-changing injuries.

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