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09th Jan 2017

Bride Surprises Hubby-To-Be With Star Wars Wedding (And He Was A Real Trooper About It)

Amanda Cassidy

What an epic wedding!

“I love you wookie, I love you too schnookums.”

Courtney Titchmarch decided it would be the best thing EVER if she got a Stormtrooper to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

She was marrying her childhood sweetheart, Graham, in New Zealand last November.

She decided to surprise Graham, a massive Star Wars fan, after seeing a Star Wars inspired cake creation on Pinterest.

Unfortunately, nobody told the member of Darth Vader’s dark army of evil not to wear white to a wedding.

Graham was a brilliant sport about it and said afterwards that he didn’t mind about being upstaged by the galactic gent.

We sincerely hope they love long and prosper.