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13th Mar 2023

Suzanne Jackson is the favourite to win Dancing With The Stars

Clodagh McKeon

Dancing With The Stars finale is next week!

Make-up guru Suzanne Jackson reveals how she intends to win next week’s final of Dancing With The Stars.

She said that she’s hopeful her 305,000 loyal Instagram followers will help her come out on top.

She told the Irish Sun: “I have a very good supportive following and I think based off votes, if they get behind me, which I know they will, I will probably get there.

“But I have to dance well and do a good job of that first and make sure I try and deliver as good as I did last week.”

The influencer is favourite to win and after an impressive performance last night, we can see why.

After scoring a perfect 30 points in last weeks show, Jackson shot up to be the number one favourite in the bookies and remains at the top after this weeks show.

However, it wasn’t also so easy for the businesswoman.

Disaster struck for Suzanne on week three of the show when she forgot the dance steps while performing.

She said: “I’m not a quitter but after week three, I was very low. I was embarrassed and disappointed in myself. The emotions made me wonder if I had it in me to keep going.

“But I pushed through and now I am in the semi-finals which is absolutely amazing.”

She fears that her online support will give the wrong impression that she doesn’t need more support so is encouraging people to vote as much as they can next week.

She said: “People presume because you have a bit (of following) you’re safe, but that’s not the case.

“So after my dance off, I went on my Instagram stories and told my followers, ‘Guys I am not safe please vote for me’.

“The feedback I got from them was ‘we really didn’t think you needed the votes because you danced so well’. There is that mindset.”

This year’s Dancing With The Stars ratings are through the roof but Suzanne said it’s not just because all her viewers are tuning in.

She laughed and said: “Of course I don’t think I am the main reason that the ratings are through the roof or anything.

“But of course having a large following helps. I think it’s a mix of everybody. Carl has a really big social media following, and Panti had a really big following.

“Maybe there was something as well about the comeback I had this series.”

We’re really looking forward to the finale next week and wish all the remaining contestants the best of luck!

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