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21st Mar 2023

Suzanne Jackson speaks out after Dancing with the Stars final

Kat O'Connor

“My body just crashed.”

Suzanne Jackson has finally spoken out after the final of Dancing with the Stars.

Fans had grown concerned about the influencer after she took a break from social media following Sunday’s show.

Suzanne, who was favourite to win the show, missed out on the glitterball trophy. 2FM’s Carl Mullan was instead crowned champion and the public couldn’t be happier about it.

Suzanne took to her Instagram this morning to congratulate Carl and his pro-partner Emily Barker.

“Hello everybody, I am alive. People have been messaging me asking if everything is okay. I was absolutely exhausted yesterday. My body just crashed.

Suzanne said she needed a day to do nothing following the finale.

She told her followers that she put her phone on silent and took a breather from social media.

“I just wanted to say a massive congratulations to Carl and Emily. Carl is so lovely, so funny, and Emily is a super teacher.”

Speaking about her experience on Dancing with the Stars, Suzanne said she would’ve loved to win.

“The best experience”

“I was on an amazing journey. It was the best experience I ever had,” Suzanne shared.

“I jumped at it with both hands. I’m so thankful I went for it,” the influencer continued.

She also said she has “won in so many other ways”.

Suzanne was teamed up with pro-dancer Michael Danilczuk during her time on the show. She said she is going to miss him dearly, but said they will be friends for life.

She also praised the rest of the Dancing with the Stars crew who made the experience so special for her.

Suzanne said she will be taking a break from social media and some much-needed rest following her time on the show.

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