Kathryn Thomas shares words of encouragement to anyone who had a bad start to 2020 3 years ago

Kathryn Thomas shares words of encouragement to anyone who had a bad start to 2020

It can happen to anyone.

Sometimes, especially in the New Year, you pick one day to 'start' something. Whether it's starting a new healthy eating plan, a new gym regime, a new work ethic or a new budget, you put all your eggs into one basket that this 'day' will be the start of your new healthier, balanced life.

But then it doesn't work out.

And then you beat yourself up over it.

It's not great and might make you feel like you failed, but hey, listen; we all have bad days. We all have days that don't go to plan or spiral and that's OK.

Don't beat yourself up about them. All you can do is hop back on it the next day and try your best. Rome wasn't built in a day, eh?

Kathryn Thomas had a rather disastrous start to the week and she took to Instagram yesterday to tell her followers about it.


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"I was sick for most of the weekend," she began, "I had the best intentions of starting everything on Monday, back to the routine, back to the clean eating, back to the running, but I just got this weird virus that's going around and I was in bed all day yesterday.

"You know, you have the best intentions of starting out and everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. I dropped Ellie up to her childminder, first day back - the whole place was locked up because she wasn't back until today. The car got clamped. Lost my wallet. Didn't get out for my run and was feeling shit to boot as well.

"So I just wrote off the rest of Monday, got into the bed and stayed in bed all day yesterday and today was a much better day. Got loads of work done, got my colour done... got loads of emails boxed off and meetings and that," she said.

"I was thinking today, what happened me on Monday... if you had the best intentions of starting out, whether it was your healthy eating or batch cooking or getting out and doing your walk and it didn't happen, do not panic because we all have shit days and you just have to write them off as days that were just not good to you and start out again the next day."

Yep, we're all for this.