Molly-Mae reveals she had a "meltdown" after leaving Bambi 1 month ago

Molly-Mae reveals she had a "meltdown" after leaving Bambi

She went to Nice for two nights.

Mega-influencer and new mum Molly-Mae has revealed she had a "meltdown" after leaving her daughter at home while on a work trip.

In her most recent YouTube video, Molly opened up about how much she missed baby girl Bambi.

The former Love Islander is the Creative Director of global fashion brand, Pretty Little Thing and travels a lot for photoshoots.

Her most recent trip saw her at one of the most breathtaking locations in Nice, France.

Molly vlogged the trip and showed her 1.78 million YouTube subscribers the behind the scenes of a Pretty Little Thing photoshoot.

In the video she mentioned her three-month-old baby girl Bambi and how much she is missing her. Bambi stayed at home with Molly's partner, Tommy Fury because she said it made the "most sense".

In between shoots, Molly said: "I'm trying desperately to not go on about missing her because I don't want to annoy everyone.

"I don't want to be that annoying mum that's like, 'aw my baby, my baby' but every time I'm getting my hair refreshed, I'm sitting here looking at photos Tommy's sending me of her and I just want to cry.


"It's been really good that I've been so busy and we have literally not stopped shooting.

"It's so full on, it always is on PLT shoots so I've not really had too much time to really sit down and reflect and be sad that I've not seen her."


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"I was being a little bit selfish"

Later in the video, Molly revealed that she had a "meltdown" on the second evening in Nice.

She apologised for the scatty vlog but said she "just had a lot going on".

"On day two, I did have a bit of a meltdown in the afternoon. To be honest, it was a lot to take it. It was my second day without Bambi and also, I think I keep forgetting that I am only three months postpartum.


"I don't think I prepared myself for for how I'd feel on a photoshoot."

Molly travelled to Nice for two days before jetting off to Dubai for her first ever holiday as a family of three.

She revealed that she originally planned to take Bambi on the work trip with her and said she even organised the infants passport especially for it.

She said: "The plan was that she was going to come to Nice with me and she was going to be with my mum.

"But when I really reflected on it and really thought about, I realised I was probably being a little bit selfish. For her to take a flight to a whole new country for the first time as well.

"For the sake of two nights, I just had to think and say she's going to have to stay at home and I'm going to have to go to work."

The YouTuber explained that because she is self-employed, she has to go back to work.

She said there are bills to pay and working for yourself means you don't get maternity leave and so it's back to the grind.

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