Stacey Solomon praised after sharing unedited photo of her post-baby body 1 year ago

Stacey Solomon praised after sharing unedited photo of her post-baby body

"My body has grown the loves of my life"

Stacey Solomon has been praised for sharing a photo of her post-baby body.

The mum recently took her daughter Rose to swimming lessons and admitted she felt insecure about her body.

However, Stacey soon realised that there was nothing wrong with how she looked.

The mum posed alongside her baby girl in a simple black two-piece.

The former X Factor star urged her followers to never let self-doubt win.

She shared, "P.S I had a little moment getting ready for swimming where I felt a little bit insecure.

"Then I remembered how grateful I am that my body has grown the loves of my life.


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"For anyone else who hears that mean little voice from time to time. Tell it to get lost and be quiet because it’s lying.

Stacey stressed, "You’re so beautiful and your body is incredible.

The Loose Women panelist added, "No matter what some of the things we see will lead us to believe."

Her followers thanked her for being so honest and for showing off her natural post-baby body.

One said, "It is so important us mummies get in the pictures even tho we feel nothing like our former selves.

"We are their entire world and they won't notice the extra rolls etc but they will notice our absence in pictures years down the line when photos are all they have left."

Another wrote, "What a role model to women/young girls posting a picture of a real body, not edited!"

One mum said she felt the same way. "I took my daughter swimming yesterday and I felt the exact same, but then I remember that my body has grown my two beautiful girls.

"And for that, I am so grateful."