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28th Mar 2024

‘My toddler prefers my husband and it’s breaking my heart’

Kat O'Connor

The mum feels like her toddler daughter likes her husband more

One mum has opened up about the heartache she is currently facing because her toddler prefers her husband to her.

She explained that her toddler often favours her dad and she knows it isn’t personal, but it upsets her so much.

“Just venting here. My daughter who is an amazing, sunny, wonderful, healthy, securely attached girl has been a daddy’s girl literally since birth.

The mum wrote: “Just to be clear I know this is normal. My husband is very hands-on and loving and obviously, I’m so glad that’s the case. She doesn’t reject me completely, but anytime there’s a choice, it’s always him. I get a lot of “No mama.” when I go in to wake her up or put her down.

“The thing is that she’s almost two now and it’s just starting to kill me,” she wrote.

“She’s my whole world and I know that I’m doing my best and he’s doing his best and things could be so much worse, but I just wish she would choose me once in a while.

“I used to be so much better at just breathing through it and being grateful for what’s good, but it’s been getting harder and harder to handle as she gets older and more verbal,” the mum said.

Fellow parents were quick to reassure the mum and said so many people have been in similar situations.

One parent said: “My son was the exact way until about almost 3 it changed. He always wanted dad, always. There was about an 8-month period where he wouldn’t even let me read to him at night, only dad. It was so sad and difficult. But it did go away and now he’s five and for the last year prefers me. I think they just go through phases.”

“I read once that when your child rejects you for a favored parent, it’s because they’re more secure with you. They know that they can say “no” to you and they’re secure in knowing that you will still love them,” another shared.

Did you ever experience something like this? What helped you get through this stage?