This Danish Children's Book Claims To Help Kids Fall Asleep Faster 2 years ago

This Danish Children's Book Claims To Help Kids Fall Asleep Faster

Whenever something - anything - promises to help our kids go to sleep at night, we parents are all ears.

Lullabies, clocks, particular colour paint on the bedroom walls, blackout blinds, scents, specialised toys - we have heard about them all, we have bought them all and we use them all.

But what about something far simpler, something that doesn't require a tonne of money or set-up?

What about.. love?

Danish children's book, 'The Children's Meditations: In My Heart' has been a popular nap-and-bedtime tool for Danish parents since it's publication.

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Described as 'a language of love to parents and children', it's message is simple: children are far more stimulated in this modern world than ever before and reflective meditations not only allow children to focus more on the heart within, but also promote deep relaxation which ultimately leads to a peaceful slumber!

Now translated to the English language, 'In Your Heart' teaches children to go inside themselves to sense their body, mind and heart.

The book's creators say that by doing so, you nurture your child’s feelings of self-love, harmony and empathy.

In the introduction to the downloadable stories, author Gitte Winter Graugaard says;

"Sadly there are so many things we cannot agree on across borders, however, our love for our children is the same and is simply the most valuable thing any parent has. We can all agree on this, and this is where our focus should lie"

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Parents are raving about the effect that the stories are having on their children and not just because it is helping them to sleep, but because they have helped them to develop a greater understanding of what love means.

Danish blogger Maise Regard says;

“My children have now fallen asleep with their hearts full of love several times. We have had the most beautiful evenings. I have felt extremely happy to end the day in such a good way.”

Sounds perfect to me, I am chucking out the lavender-infused singing clock bear and trying this out instead!

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