Jessica Biel is being mum-shamed over this 'strange' moment with her son 7 months ago

Jessica Biel is being mum-shamed over this 'strange' moment with her son


Jessica Biel has been targeted by mum-shamers after posing for a photo with her three-year-old son, Silas.

The picture, shared online by her husband Justin Timberlake, shows the actress kissing the toddler on the lips.

The singer captioned the photo:

“If that pic doesn't say ‘City Of Love’ then I'm out...”

It has gotten more than 1.4 million likes and 6,000 comments - many of whom were disagreeing with the former NSYNC member.

One person wrote:

"It’s strange to kiss your kids (or anyone else you’re not in a romantic relationship with) on the lips. Gross!

"Same deal with dogs licking your face. I guess the mom really wanted a girl if she’s keeping the hair long. Celine Dion did it too."

Another said that it was the "City of infection with that kiss."

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Others slammed the parents for keeping Silas' hair long, claiming that boys "have short hair for a reason".

Someone commented:

“The little boy needs a f**cken hair cut boys in life have short hair for a reason."

Another added:

"I don’t like when little boys have long hair, and they are too small to decide if they love it."

A different person said:

"It’s like they wanted a girl but when they got a boy they make it look like a girl."