Six-year-old boy criticised for comments on girl's 'underwear' at school 1 year ago

Six-year-old boy criticised for comments on girl's 'underwear' at school

A confused mum has turned to the internet for her advice after her six-year-old son was criticised after he commented on a girl's "underwear".

She explained that after the encounter between the two children in the school's changing room, the girl's horrified mum sent her a text saying she was going to report the incident to the school.

The Mumsnet user asked her fellow parents if the girl's mum was justified in her reaction or if she was overreacting.

She said that the young students had been getting ready for PE in the shared changing area when the incident happened.

In screenshots obtained by The Sun, she explained:

"DS [dear son] when changing for PE (girls and boys change together) told a little girl (7) that he liked her vest top as I think he said it had fireworks on or something.

"I think this vest was more of a crop top/training bra. This happened yesterday, I didn't know about it. According to DS, she just said thank you.

"However this evening I have received an angry text from the girls mother saying she's going to raise the issue with the school, and suggesting I'm raising my son to grow up to have no respect and be likely to sexually assault women as at six he is already watching girls get changed and commenting on their underwear.

“What do I do? What's going to happen if this goes to the school? Is she overreacting or am I being unreasonable to think this is unnecessary?”

Her fellow forum users were quick to react to the encounter, with many urging the mum to block the girl's mum's number.

One person commented:

“Mother is mental I would be tempted to reply but probably best not to.

“I would make the school aware in the morning and maybe some other mothers at school gates so your version is know.

“The last thing you would want is for her to label your son with these horrible accusations and for it to be school gossip.”

Someone else pointed out:

"I wouldn't respond to her message but I would speak to the teacher in the morning and give her a heads up."

Another person said:

“It doesn't sound like your son did anything wrong, but it possible the little girl felt uncomfortable anyway and that's what had upset her mother.

“I think taking a softly softly approach and just explaining your POV to the teacher is sensible. I certainly don't think it is reasonable to say your son is likely to end up a sex offender!”

Other parents cautioned the original mum that she should use this chance to have a chat with her son.

Someone wrote:

"Just tell him not to be looking at the girls underwear or bodies, because they dont like it.

“Commenting on someones underwear isnt nice.”