Will Smith learned a big lesson the night Willow shaved her head
She was just 11 years old

"You will not have this trouble out of me ever again."

Willow Smith had the world buzzing after she shaved her head in 2012, when she was just 11 years old.

But the singer's drastic haircut didn't catch anyone's attention more than her own father, Will Smith.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor recently joined Chris Rock and Mahershala Ali for Jay-Z's Footnotes of Adnis video.

They talked about the lessons that they had learned from their fathers - as well as the lessons that their children had helped teach them.

Will told how his daughter had shaved her head in the middle of her Whip My Hair tour.

He admitted that he had been pushing her to continue the tour, despite her saying that she wanted to go home.

He recalled:


"We came downstairs and she had shaved her head bald.

"She shaved her head bald in the middle of her 'Whip My Hair' tour. I was like, 'Oh, s**t.'

"I'm looking at that girl and I'm like, 'Got it. I understand. You will not have this trouble out of me ever again. Let's go, baby. We can go.'"

Will, whose own dad was a refrigeration engineer who served in the US Air Force, said that he understood where he went wrong - and why his father's parenting style was not suited for his children.

He added:

"For me, it was that soldier that was pushing and wasn't paying any attention whatsoever to what was going on emotionally with this beautiful little creature in front of me.

"That was the first part of the collapsing of my father's suit that I was wearing that wasn't mine."

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