10 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas for when you just want to go to bed 1 year ago

10 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas for when you just want to go to bed

Hang in in there, guys.

Only a few more nights of having to remember to move the elf before he packs up and heads back to the North Pole again for another 11 months.


I's say most of us are looking forward to being able to go asleep without having to panic about what to do with the elf first, no?

Anyway, if this is you, and you are pretty much flat out of ideas as for what to do with him for the last couple of nights – fear not, we got you.

Here are 10 sweet – and not-too-complicated ideas for these next couple of nights. You're welcome.

1. Candy cane treasure hunt

What can be better than starting the day with a treasure-hunt?!


2. Easy snow angel 

For those nights when you just need to get some sleep.

3. Gone fishing

How cute! This fishing set can be ordered on Etsy – or you can just make your own, of course.

4. Let's build a snowman

Cuuute – and more importantly, quick to do (so you can get some sleep, mama!).


5. Ziplining elf

Wheeee! Just imagine how excited they'll be to find him like this when they get up.

6. Dinosaur train

Elves like to play with all your toys once you go asleep.

7. Say it with eggs


Elves are pretty egg-cited about Christmas, obvs.

8. Teacher elf

Because their cuddly toys need schooling too, obvs.

9. When you gotta go, you gotta go elf

Good job, elf – at least you went IN the potty.

10. See you next year

Sure it's a little bit sad that he has to leave – but don't worry – it's only 11 months until he's back once more!