The 8 things you'll hear or say on St Stephen's Day 1 year ago

The 8 things you'll hear or say on St Stephen's Day

Suffering from a food hangover?

Surrounded by bin bags of wrapping paper? Kids only playing with the cardboard boxes their expensive toys came in? It must be Stephen's Day.

Here are eight things you will definitely say or hear today…

1. That’s it all over for another year

You’d think there was an extra present for whoever can say this the most. While it is probably the most obvious, pointless statement in the world, St Stephen’s Day wouldn’t be the same without it.

2. Sure the kids had a ball

It is inevitably the longest day of the year - between getting up at 5 am, having to cook dinner, and of course the entertaining - but the little ones really do enjoy themselves. And also, they're the ones that make it magical.

3. Stop putting the wrappers back in the tin

The sheer heartache of opening a tin of Roses only to find empty wrappers. A criminal offense tbh.


4. And what did you get from Santa?

It doesn’t matter what age you are, this question is a requisite.

5. I love/hate the sales

While some rush to be the first person at the shutters, others couldn’t think of anything worse than dragging themselves out of bed to risk their sanity for a bargain. We are definitely in the latter group!

6. How can people think of doing more shopping?

This one is usually aimed at those who love the sales by people who hate the sales (but will later complain that they didn’t get anything in the sales).

7. How was your Christmas?

Think it’s a safe bet that it was "quiet".

8. I’m tired

You might have had a quiet one but all that eating/drinking/opening presents/rushing after small children with new toys sure takes it out of you.