Amy Schumer has just shared her very first (and very spot-on) parenting advice 1 year ago

Amy Schumer has just shared her very first (and very spot-on) parenting advice

It's a good 'un.

Parenting, I think we can all agree, is pretty much the steepest learning curve we all live through.

I mean; you go from leaving the hospital with your newborn baby, feeling like you literally cannot understand how they just let you walk out of there and expect you to keep this baby alive, to realise that day by day, little by little, you are actually figuring this stuff out. And while there is always more stuff to learn and figure out, your confidence just keeps on growing and you realise too, soon enough, that you might actually be cut out for this after all.

As for new mum Amy Schumer, she recently not only learned a valuable lesson about entertaining her baby son, Gene – but she was also kind enough to share it with the rest of us via her Youtube channel.

Coupled with her husband Chris Fischer, Amy created her very first parenting hack video, and honestly, it’s pure delight and, from what we can tell, Amy’s parenting philosophy involves raising her little boy in an excellently normal and very non-celebrity way.

 In fact, her 'hack' is really simple and very easy to re-create at home.

“We wanted to give our advice about parenting because we’ve learned so much,”  Amy — who is in the midst of IVF treatment to try to get pregnant again — begins in her clip.

“Our first advice/tip is a good toy for a baby around 7, 8, 9 months old … and it is exactly FREE,” she continues. “What it is, is a box.”


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“They really like being in their box”

The mum-of-one then reveals that she and Chris have lined a very large cardboard box with foam and then tucked blankets all around it.

Just FYI: Little Gene is only nine months old and so I reckon is using this hack under his loving parents' supervision.

“So you get a big box, okay? You clean it out and make sure there’s no staples in it, and then you put blankets around it, and you put some toys in it,” Amy explains.

“They can, like, hold on to the edges and stand or fall or whatever, and they really like being in their box.”

Amy's many social media followers were quick to comment on the video, and share how they have used the same simple trick with their own babies and kids.

“Used to do that when my kids were little,” one parent commented. “The box is also good for when they are older to colour inside of and make forts. Boxes are life!”

Another one added: “Love it! Decorative blankets really add a touch,” someone else enthused.

To check out Amy's hack in full, head over to her Youtube channel now.