'A huge emotional milestone': Chris Ramsey shares his family's miscarriage story 3 years ago

'A huge emotional milestone': Chris Ramsey shares his family's miscarriage story

"It’s so hard if you haven’t told anyone."

Comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie have called for more openness around miscarriage after they lost a baby this year.

The couple were expecting their second child but found out at Rosie's 12-week scan that she had miscarried.

Rosie, who is a radio host in her native Newcastle, said there had been no indication that was anything wrong.

"At the ultrasound I remember wondering whether the baby would be jumping around and then the nurse was hovering the scanner over and there was nothing there, just an empty sac. Heartbreaking," she told Fabulous.

"You think about that baby constantly, it’s always on your mind.

"We even got the cot out of the loft. And to be told, ‘Scrap that, it’s not happening’ is devastating."


Continuing, she said that she found it odd not to share her pregnancy news with anyone in the first trimester.

“Those first 12 weeks are the hardest on your body. It’s so hard if you haven’t told anyone. I remember when pregnant with (the couple's first child) Robin, I was on the radio and feeling horrific.

“I recall thinking, ‘I’m so happy to be pregnant, why aren’t I telling anyone?’"

Chris added that he believes keeping the news to yourself for the first three months is outdated as couples are left to deal with the trauma of miscarriage alone.

“It’s like you’re building a house and it burns down, but obviously ten times worse. Ours was a particularly cruel one, as we were actually in the 12-week scan.

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“This is a huge emotional milestone in our lives and we are different people since it happened — family and friends need to know that."

Chris and Rosie are now supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week while Rosie has also shared her experience on Instagram in a bid to break the taboo.