Free download: Print out and join our AMAZING HerFamily Halloween Scavenger Hunt 1 year ago

Free download: Print out and join our AMAZING HerFamily Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Socially distant family fun!

It is almost Halloween, a night so many children across the land have been looking forward to all year. The dressing up, the sweets, the ghoulish fun – we all love it.

But 2020 is not any normal year, and so while traditional trick-or-treating might be out, families across Ireland (and the world) are having to think up new ways to celebrate the day in a safe – and socially distant manner.

The good news is though, that despite Halloween being a bit different this year, people are still decorating their doors and front yards and gardens with pumpkins, ghosts, bats and witches – meaning there are tons of Halloween fun to be found – right on your own street or estate.

And so this year, we at are suggesting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

In other words, the kids still get to dress up and still get to go outside – but instead of calling to doors for tricking-or-treating, you print out our Scavenger Hunt List, and go hunting through your neighbourhood/street/estate for the following:

Once you find the items (note: you might have to bring your own barm brack!), your kids get to tick it off on the list, and voila – you give them a treat in their buckets!


We think a Halloween Scavenger Hunt ticks so many boxes – the kids still get to put on their costumes, still get to go outside – maybe even as it is starting to get dark! They still get their sweets – and they get to see all the cool and spooktacular decorations in their community.

How to use the Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Come Halloween night, all you need to do is either:

Open this article on your phone, click on the image and hit 'save to phone' and use it digitally as you walk around. To tick off items, just use the “mark-up” feature in the Photos app to mark off the items you find!

Or, you can print yours at home by downloading it below, and bring it with you out!

Download - Halloween Scavenger Hunt