Holly Willoughby speaks out about having a fourth child 2 years ago

Holly Willoughby speaks out about having a fourth child

"I love being pregnant".

Popular TV personality Holly Willoughby joined fellow presenter Lorraine Kelly for a chat this morning where they touched on various topics including Holly's parenting book Truly Scrumptious Baby.

Holly has three children, Harry, Belle and Chester and there have been reports recently that the popular presenter could have a fourth baby.

This was one of the topics that the duo chatted about during today's interview where Holly said that although she's delighted with three children, she wouldn't entirely rule out having another.

"I hate saying no to that question because I hate it being over. I love being pregnant.

Lorraine then asked if 'three' children was a good number and Holly said that it works for her family.

"Three feels good for us, two children was lovely but two felt like everybody was waiting for a baby.

She then said that Chester, her third, cemented them family, as everyone had a role, 'the big brother role, the middle sister role' but you can see her comments in the clip below.


Other interesting moments from today's interview included when Lorraine told Holly not to lose her "Holly Willoughbies" and Holly very firmly told Lorraine that they were still there.