Irish Mum Thanks 'Magical' Company That Stopped Her Son's Nightmares 6 years ago

Irish Mum Thanks 'Magical' Company That Stopped Her Son's Nightmares

A delighted mum has publicly thanked an Irish company whose handmade 'worry plaque' has helped her little boy to sleep at night.

Siobhan McAlister's seven-year-old son was experiencing frequent nightmares that often left him shaking and unable to drop off in his own bed.

Siobhan and her husband thought they had tried everything until a stroll in Belfast Christmas Market revealed an innovative solution they hadn't encountered before: a Worry Plaque.

The Irish Fairy Door Company's Worry Plaque allows kids to hand all their worries over to the fairies before bed with just one touch. When the fairies have heard all the worries, the plaque glows green, signifying the worries have transferred to the fairies successfully.

Writing on the company's Facebook page, Siobhán explained:

"My husband and I were at the Christmas market in Belfast and came across your magical stall. We were approached by a very friendly staff member. We explained about our seven-year-old son who hadn't had a proper night sleep in months due to nightmares.

"We have been having an awful time every night, mainly ending with him in our bed shaking. Your worry plaque caught our eye. I had asked if I brought my son down would he explain it to him and talk him through it. So we arranged a family trip to the market. The guy was there as promised and worked wonders with my son, spent loads of time with him listening to him, talking through fears and making it a totally magical experience

"We walked away with a fabulous bargain but better than that, we walked away with a little boy who was excited about going to bed. No fears at all tonight. We have a little boy tucked up in his own bed fast asleep."


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