Man who grew up without a dad starts “Dad, How Do I?” YouTube channel 8 months ago

Man who grew up without a dad starts “Dad, How Do I?” YouTube channel

Such a great idea.

I grew up in a single parent household so when it came to learning skills like unblocking a toilet or fixing a puncture in my bike tire I'd usually ask my mam.

Of course for my brother I realised the situation was different. Your mam can't exactly teach you how to shave your face.

There are certain skills that many children rely on a father figure to teach them but not everyone has a father figure in their life which is why this man set up his new YouTube channel.

Rob Kenney grew up without his dad in his life and missed out on the opportunity to learn certain life skills from him.

Not wanting other children to struggle with learning these skills Rob, now a dad himself, set up the 'Dad, How Do I?' YouTube Channel.


The channel features tutorials on how to shave, tie a tie, change a tire and even how to iron a dress shirt correctly.

In the last few weeks that the videos have been online that have become massively popular around the world with many people praising Rob for kindness in trying to be there for children and teens without dads.

I think Rob's videos are absolutely fantastic and there's some that I'll definitely be watching myself.

You can watch the rest of Rob's videos by clicking on any of the videos above or by visiting the 'Dad, How Do I?' channel here.